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All the WINLIGHT team wish you an happy and successfull new year !

WINLIGHT will merge into BERTIN group (Decembre 22, 2017)

BERTIN Technologies, subsidiary of CNIM group, has signed a definite purchase agreement of 100% of WINLIGHT group capital. Operational WINLIGHT management remains unchanged and our customers will benefit from the synergy between BERTIN and WINLIGHT. The operation will help WINLIGHT to continue its growth keeping its high reactivity and flexibility.

Download official press release
link to Bertin Technologies web site

ISO9001-2015 certified (June 16, 2017)

All WINLIGHT companies have obtained the ISO9001:2015 certification. The scope of this approval is applicable to: WINLIGHT SYSTEM FINANCE: Management, general services for the group. • WINLIGHT SYSTEM_ Complex optical systems design and manufacturing for defence, space, astronomy, industry and science. • WINLIGHT OPTICS : Optics manufacturing for defence, space, astronomy, industry and science. • WINLIGHT X : Optical systems design and manufacturing in X Ray field.

First lab images for SPIROU at IRAP-OMP!(April 19, 2017)

The first image slicer developped by WINLIGHT OPTICS for the SPIROU instrument that will be installed at the CFHT in 2018 has been successfully tested at IRAP-OMP at cold temperature. This slicer has been built with twelve optically contacted mirrors of 5x0,110mm polished surface. A second slicer will be assembled and delivered soon by WINLIGHT.

link to Spirou website (First lab images)
link to Spirou slicer

KCWI instrument is on the way to telescope site (January 16, 2017)

Caltech (University of California) has published last photos of the KCWI instrument ready to be shipped to telescope site (Keck at Hawai). KCWI image slicer is the first image slicer that integrates an adjustable resolution slicer stack. WINLIGHT has supplied the image slicer and two large mirrors for KCWI instrument.

link to KCWI site (Caltech)

WINLIGHT OPTICS will be on MICROCARB mission (0September 1, 2016)

Airbus Defence and Space has awarded a contract to WINLIGHT OPTICS for some critical coomponents and optical sub-assemblies for MICROCARB mission. It is a CNES mission decided at the COP21 conference.

link to Microcarb site (CNES)

DESI has awarded the contract for 10 spectrographs (October 29, 2015)

Following the acceptance of the critical decision 2 by the DOE (department of Energy), DESI project (Dark Energy Instrument) has given the go-on for the construction of 9 spectrographs to complete the instrument. This comes after the realization of first spectrograph completed by WINLIGHT SYSTEM. This contract will need the manufacturing and testing of 27 new cameras.
DESI will make a survey of the univers and will acquire spectrum of more than 30 millions galaxies and quasars. DESI will study the formation of large structures in Univers in order to better understand dark energy role in its evolution. WINLIGHT is involved in the project in close collaboration with Aix-Marseille University,, LAM, OHP and CEA-Saclay. A first spectrograph will be delivered during Summer 2016. First light on DESI is scheduled in 2019.

SPIE-Astronomy at Montreal !! (June 24-25 2014)

WINLIGHT will exhibit at SPIE-astronomy show at Montreal (Visit us at booth 414)

The day of MUSE instrument before it leaves for Chili (September 6 2013)

WINLIGHT was in Lyon on September 6, 2013, to attend the celebration of the completion of MUSE instrument. The instrument will be dismounted and shipped to Chili. It will be installed on Atacama desert on one of the four VLT 8.2 meter telescope of ESO. The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Geneviève Fioraso, the scientific community and local and national authorities have acknowledged the work done for over 10 years by the consortium. Winlight has supplied more than 2500 optical components for the project and many subsystems such as the 24 spectrographs, the 24 image slicers, the derotator, the 48 transport doublets, the field spiltter optics. With this experience, Winlight has won several calls on projects of similar size.

website of MUSE instrument

WINLIGHT invest in a new factory !! (June 18 2013)

To face the workload and prepare the company for future big projetc, WINLIGHT has started the construction of a new factory close to the actual one in Pertuis. The new building will increase the assembly floor as well as the polishing workshop. Production surface will be then 2100 m² (22,600 sq ft) on Pertuis site.

WINLIGHT optics are now on MARS !! (August 06, 2012)

Curiosity just lands thsi morning on MARS. The robot was lauched last November by NASA. WINLIGHT has supplied some of the optical elements , in particular the two mirrors of the CHEMCAM telescope mission which is embedded on Curiosity !

SRI 2012 : Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation conference at Lyon (July 10 to 12 2012)

WINLIGHT X will be happy to meet you on our booth at SRI 2012 in Lyon from July 10 to 12. We will present our experience in the realization of mirrors and systems for synchrotron beamlines.

SPIE 2012 : Astronomy conference at Amsterdam (July 2 to 5 2012)

WINLIGHT will be happy to meet you on our booth at SPIE 2012 in Amsterdam from July 2 to 5. We will present our experience in the realization of components and systems for the large telescopes. We invite you to attend our talk on session 11 on wednesday 4 where we will present SLICERMAKER a new powerful software that create in 3 clicks an image slicer directly on your Zemax® file. Free demo versions will be available on our booth.
see SPIE web site

CHEMCAM : 2 mirrors from WINLIGHT are flying to MARS ! (November 2011)

The MSL mission of NASA has been successful lauched on 11/26/11 from Cap Canaveral. WINLIGHT OPTICS has produced the two mirrors of the CHEMCAM telescope.
see CHEMCAM web site

MUSE : Image slicers and spectrographes delivered on serial step ! (June 2011)

The delivery of the 24 image slicers and spectrographes to the CRAL (Observatoire de Lyon) is in progress .

STARTIGER : CORONOGRAPH in 6 months ! (April 2010)

The R&D Startiger program has been validated by ESA (European Space Agency) last week.
WINLIGHT, member of the Consortium, has supplied the TMA (Three-Mirror Anastigmatism telescope) for the project in a very short time !
see press document on ESA web site

A Muse for the Very Large Telescope (February 2010)

The resulting spectra confirmed the superb image quality of the spectrograph as well as the proper working of the system.
“This means we can now give the go-ahead for the serial production of the next 23 spectrographs at the optics manufacturer Winlight,” says Luca Pasquini, from ESO....
see full text

Winlight at LE BOURGET SHOW (June 15-21 2009)

WINLIGHT has attended LE BOURGET show at Paris in June on the Pegase stand.
Winlight has presented its last realizations in term of embedded optronic systems .
Demonstration of last issues of our developments have been also presented during the show.

2 R&D projects will be financed by French government (21/07/2008)

The French government has just published the list of the 99 projects which will be financed within the 6th call for projects of the FUI.
Projects Diamant 2 (Pôle Pégase) and Optim (Pôle SCS) in which WINLIGHT SYSTEM is involved have been both accepted.

SPIE Astronomy and Instrumentation (June 23 to 28 2008)

From June 23 to 28, 2008 : WINLIGHT will exhibit at SPIE Astronomy and Instrumentation show in Marseille
We will be glad to welcome you to visit our stand and to attend the conferences where some results about image slicer realization will be presented
We will also present our new product whihc is under development with CEA : the REIMS spectrometer.

Capital increase for WINLIGHT SYSTEM (10/06/2008)

The shareholders of the company have decided to increase their participation in the development of the activity by increasing the capital of the company from 265 600 euros to 514 600 euros.

Contract for the 24 MUSE spectrographs (17/04/2008)

MUSE consortium has chosen Winlight System to study and realize the 24 spectrographs of the instrument which will be installed on VLT telescope in Chili. This instrument is a revolutionnary concept that should be the first of the typical instrument useable for the next E-ELT 42 meter telescope.

New building for WINLIGHT (30/09/2007)

The activities of Winlight in Manosque and Marseille have just moved in a new building in Pertuis (Vaucluse-84)near Aix-en-Provence. The new facilities are adapted to the need of the company and compatible with its future development. The buiding exhibits 1280 m² surface and is located in the closest activity area from ITER-Cadarache location. The "Conseil Régional Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur" and the "Conseil Général du Vaucluse" have allocated some founds to incitate the company to develop its activities.

Euro Satory 2006 show (18/06/2006)

In close collaboration with the French Delegation for Army ("Délégation Générale pour l'Armement" (DGA)), Winlight System has presented its new innovative full-space vision system at Eurosatory 2006 show. The WINCAM product enables to see at 360° with no blind area
"Voir sans être vulnérable. L'entreprise Winlight System a mis au point une technologie optique,
Wincam, permettant de remplacer l'oeil humain. Leur outil permet de voir sur 360°, ..."
Download article from Figaro newspaper (in French)