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  • WINCAM 180 (180° wide field vision system)
  • WINCAM 360 (360° wide field vision system)

  • Opto-mechanical studies

    Our studies and developments division put his skills to serve your project at a reduced cost.
    This division includes 4 each service based on the experience of experienced engineers:

  • Optical Design : studies with ZEMAX and OSLO Premium
  • Mechanical Design : studies with CAO Pro-engineer and finite elements analysis(FEA) with NASTRAN

    anamorphic fish-eye designed and tested FEA analysis of embedded vision system structure

  • Software and Vision : studies using C, C++, Java, VisualBasic, Fortran, ...
  • Electronic design : studies using FPGA

  • Our force

    With our ability to make systems and complex optical components, our research services using their knowledge in manufacturing and control techniques can guarantee you:

  • the feasibility of the system studied
  • the best value for money among the possible solutions.

  • Realizations of systems

    WINLIGHT SYSTEM realizes some otpo-mechanical systems for many customers in France and for many countries all round the world, such as :

  • specific objectives for visible, UV, IR with passive or active athermalization
  • collimators with mirrors or lenses
  • afocal systems with mirrors or lenses
  • complex fish-eyes (anamorphic, ...)
  • alignment benches, test benches, coaxiality benches for sight, ...
  • reference tools for optical sight
  • ...

  • collimateurs IR

    Example of study and realization of optical system assembled molecular adherence.

    There are a lot of activities concerned by our realizations such as :

  • Tests benches for military equipment
  • OGSE, focal plane of instruments for space
  • spectrographs, telescopes for astronomy
  • ...

  • spectrographe réalisé pour observer les débris lors de l'impact sur la comète Tempel 1 (mission NASA Deep Impact), réalisé pour le compte de l'Agence Spatiale Européenne (ESA) et installé au foyer du télescope OGS aux Canaries
    Example of study and realization of spectroradiometer for ESA

    WINLIGHT SYSTEM also studies and realizes solar and infra-red simulators with high performances.;

    Within the company, our AIT workshop is in charge of :

  • assembly, intégration, control and delivery of optical systems
  • qualification to environments
  • installation on customer site
  • ensuring the maintenance

  • collimateur en test sur le pot vibrant


    If you have an optical or opto-mechanical, we can propose to expertise your system and to bring you our solutions in terms of :

  • Conception, quality/cost trade-off analysis
  • Analysis and assistance to your processes
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Assembling, integration, tests

  • RHEIMS spectrometer

    WINLIGHT SYSTEM develops with CEA licence a new concept of spectrometer which allows to make measurements with a higher precision than existing products currently on the market. The spectrometer is able to scan the inspected piece in order to supply a reflectivity map whatever the shape even on free-form pieces.

    More details will come soon !

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    Embedded vision systems

    Winlight develops visible and infrared embedded vision cameras and systems. Our developments include optical definition, the structure study, the hardware and software .
    For these systems which withstand extrem environment, we also manage the qualification :

  • thermal (storage mode et operational). For that, we have two climatic chambers
  • mechanics (shocks, acclerations, vibrations). For that, we have a vibration shaker RMS SWR 900 :
  • wet humidity

  • systèmes de vision embarqués
    Optronic embedded system used to observ 180° half sphere underneath aircraft

    WINCAM180 (180° wide field vision system)

    Our product: video surveillance systems capable of detecting an event in the field of panoramic vision and identify the event with a high resolution while continuing to ensure a watch on the overall panoramic scope.

    This technology allows the user to observe or detect an event with a field of vision who can reach 4? stéradians (the sphere). In this field of vision, the user can move around and select a portion of the field. There is on this part of a field excellent angular resolution and one keep the big vision scope to continue to monitor its environment or detect an event or threat that occur outside its privileged angle of view. Our technology (patented) allows thus:

  • The detection of threats across space: the watch function can be done either in the visible and the infrared in a very large field of view in real time.
  • The identification of threats with a large angular resolution which allows to identify at great distance.
  • systèmes de conduite immersive
    Système immersif "3 écrans" pour la conduite de blindé

    WINCAM180 version Infra-Rouge 8-12 µm
    WINCAM180 version infra-rouge 8-12 µm (version lourde non allégée)

    This system allows the detection and / or observation on military or civilian vehicles (airplane, boat, cars, robots, helicopters, robots,…). These systems are based on the use of techniques Optical and advanced computer that allow observing a field of very large aperture (up to 360 °) imager to detect either entire scenes or specific details in contexts where observation visual is delicate. The possible applications includes observation of the underside of airliners by using a 180 ° imager placed under the fuselage coupled with a sensor working in the visible, system which allows you to view directly from the cabin everything that happens underneath to the fuselage, cockpit and wings, althought these areas are invisible to the cabin crew in flight:

  • surveillance of persons on the aircraft during stopovers
  • observation landing gear on flight
  • engine monitoring.

  • WINCAM360 (système de vision grand champ de 360°)

    The WINCAM 360 is the combined use of two interfaced modules of WINCAM180 on a a common structure. The command is specific to the dual system and can switch from one track to another without operator intervention. The perception of 360 ° is therefore without total dead zone. Two large optical field (field> 180 °) can be associated either to visible sensors or to infra-red sensors.

    The infra-red objective is conducting a hotspot analysis color research of the image in real time. When the target is detected, the software analyzes the details of this target by detecting the coordinates of the beam impact on the detector. The target is visible and one can either be focused on this target or on the full screen. An optical zoom (not computer one) is feasible for better imaging the target. The score of the target remains active, whatever the movements of the equipment on which they are positioned which allows the crew is no longer required not to "lose the visual." Possible uses are:

  • Rescue at sea
  • Rescue in mountain
  • Protection Armor (creation of a "transparent" vehicle for its user)
  • Help at the landing
  • Wide field imaging in hostile environments
  • wide deported field imaging : whatsoever for vessels or trucks that have given their large size and low maneuverability need to have eyes in the back (it will be possible for example to accommodate a Optical large field in the rear bumper of a truck so the driver has a helmet through a screen or a panoramic vision of where he is projected.
  • démonstrateur WINCAM360
    démonstrateur WINCAM3 (version lourde non allégée)

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