WinlightX develops and delivers advanced components and systems for Xray applications . These submicroradian class and UHV ( ulta high vacuum) products find applications in synchrotrons, free electron lasers, Xray diagnostics , EUV :


  • X-ray mirrors
  • Benders (benders)
  • Cooling systems for mirrors
  • Kirkpatrick-Baez systems (KB)
  • In-situ metrology

  • Products

  • X-ray sensor (Xray nanofocus sensor)
  • KB aligner
  • coating inspection of a mirror 1300 mm flat mirror miroir+bender in installation at ESRF

    X-ray mirrors

    We design , manufacture and polish components for Xray applications , up to 1400 mm largest dimension , including mirror shapes :

  • flat
  • cylindrical
  • toroidal
  • spherical
  • ellipsoidal
  • flat-elliptical

  • cylindrical mirror in silica grinding of a flat 1300 mm mirror made out of silicon toroidal silicon mirror
    roughness measurement on silicon superpolished mirror

    Slope errors better than 0.5 Árad RMS, even on cylinders , and roughness down to 0.12 nm RMS are obtained by superpolishing processes. Home designed and commercial specific machines ( CCP,à), controlled by latest generation interferometers are used. After polishing, the mirrors are coated with or without an underlayer with metals such as Pt, Ir, Ru, Rh, Au,Ni ...
    slope errors


    Our ultra-high vacuum bender technology can accomodate all types of mirrors up to 1400 mm, facing up,down,or reflecting horizontally. Mirrors can be bent into cylindrical or elliptical figures depending on the number of actuators, with remarquable radius sensitivity independant of temperature variations . Our benders are built with a gravity compensation system and can be equiped with efficient cooling devices. The mirror surface figure error is unaffected by radius variations down to 1 Km for a 1 meter long mirror .

    example of elliptical bender for a 1300 mm mirror
    (ODE beamline at SOLEIL)

    Cooling systems for mirrors

    FEA analysis for cooling

    Various cooling technologies have been designed and delivered : internal,side cooling , Gallium filled trench à

    The cooling schemes of the mirrors are optimized taking into account the geometry of the beam. The systems are modelled with finite element analysis using NASTRAN FEA software.

    FEA analysis for cooling

    Kirkpatrick-Baez systems (KB)

    We offer KB systems for micro and nanofocusing applications . They are based on figured or dynamically bent mirrors with motorized degrees of freedom

    We also propose to help with alignment and set up of such systems with products such as KBaligner and Xray sensor .

    In-situ metrology systems

    We offer the design and manufacturing of specific metrology instruments based on instrumental optics and image processing , tailored to your needs.

    X-ray sensor (Xray nanofocus sensor)


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